It’s always a stutter moment when you need to write about yourself, for someone who likes to chatter (marketing roots)…it’s rather rare to find myself in this situation.

Brace yourself…

After spending many ‘fashionable’ years in the heady world of fashion through design, wholesale, retail, e-commerce and marketing it was quite well known that i had a love of photography (stalking photographers is frowned upon). The only problem was, it was rather difficult to jump ship so to speak into another career without the ‘relevant’ qualifications. So after giving myself a good talking to (and a huge cheer for Student Finance England & prayers (not religious))…I’m going for it.

I have not come from a college photography course, i am coming from experience in the industry and experimentation…it’s quite good apparently.

I’m also a Mum to a 12 year old (he might make 13), a masters swimmer, a lifeguard & swim teacher/coach (need to pay the bills…Michael Kors winter boots don’t come from student loans :-)). Have a fashion start-up business (AM I MAD) and a lover of coffee…


P.S. that isn’t me above in case you are wondering…


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